Great presentation. Was very approachable and willing to meet our needs. Had great energy which the room picked up on.

NSW Health

Andrew was a fabulous presenter and I would definitely attend any further presentations / training he was giving. Excellent – the best presentation on presentations I’ve been to. Have already put some of Andrew’s suggestions into practice. If there was a rating higher than “excellent” I would give it to him! A very dynamic presenter.
Various Attendees

Minter Ellison

A simply excellent session. I was hugely impressed and thoroughly enjoyed it and I know this feeling was shared by the room as a whole. In some of the conversations I have had with my team since, they have said it was the best session of the entire meeting! You have made us think about our presentations and what to include, but also importantly, what to leave out!

Allergan Eyecare

Andrews approach to improving presentation skills is hugely effective, totally practical and of course is complete with his wicked sense of humour which ensures the lessons stay learnt.

Hire & Rental Association

Definitely the most engaging, informative and helpful presentations skills session I have attended! Andrew’s presentation was hugely entertaining, fun, and packed with practical tips on how we can become more effective communicators and presenters. Importantly, Andrew genuinely understood our business and the key issues we face in presenting information to our clients – and tailored the session to focus on the key things that can really help us. I have attended several presentation skills courses in the past, but this is one which has actually already made a difference to the quality of my presentations.

Ernst & Young

We engaged Andrew to work with our team because we felt our presentation skills could do with a little polish. What we got exceeded our expectations. The series of workshops delivered for us were a great balance of theory and practice and he actively engaged the whole team. Importantly we’ve been able to convert the learning into results too. Our skills are better and we’re winning more new business as well as communicating with our Board more effectively than ever. Andrew Klein’s Spike Presentations Workshops… the best investment we’ve made this year.

Recruitment Super

Andrew is an entertaining and engaging presenter with fantastic tips on how to make presentations come to life. His session is valuable for anyone interested in giving their presentation an edge whether you are an experienced public speaker or a first time presenter. Highly recommended.

Australian Corporate Lawyers Associations

Thanks so much Andrew. Your workshop was highly informative, very easy to listen to and engaging from start to end, with a dash of humour and your appealing personal style of delivery.

Dept of Families, Housing, Community Services & Indigenous Affairs

Excellent; Great energy & useful information; Exciting and engaging; Entertaining and demonstrated amazing enthusiasm for his subject; Awesome – great impact, practiced what he preached; Turned a dry subject into something interesting, entertaining and hugely informative.

Various attendees

Quest Serviced Apartments

What energy! Andrew presented the material in an interesting, easy to follow format. There was no time to go to sleep! My presentations are bound to be a success after hearing where I can improve.

Inst Chartered Accountants

Great experience at the workshop, filled with fun and laughter but more importantly fact and learning. Andrew delivers the message in a subtle way which sneaks up on you with the killer punch that sinks in. Fantastic style and immediately able to apply it.


Excellent; entertaining; Andrew has been a great inspiration for me and an extremely useful tool for my own development; a fresh perspective; he tailor-made the day to our needs and our industry; really well researched; Andrew was a great and entertaining presenter.

Various attendees


Exceptional keynote! Your empathy, sincerity and thorough research was outstanding.

South Australian State Schools Administrative Officers Association

Andrew, the positive ripples of your presentation are still settling here. You delivered your message in a refreshing way that will have a lasting impression. More importantly, you have given us skills to make us better presenters and communicators.

Vic. Dept Human Resources

Andrew not only explained how to conduct great, entertaining and captivating presentations, but was a perfect example of one. I found Andrew’s ‘Life’s a Pitch’ seminar one of the most beneficial and interesting training seminar’s I’ve been to.

Hilton Hotels

Andrew, your presentation ‘How To Awe Them Not Bore Them’ was just fantastic. You kept me engaged throughout your entire delivery which was very interesting and highly interactive. I have to say your presentation was the best I have witnessed. You were very ‘natural’ and ‘real’ – where others try to make it like a formal presentation, you made it look like you were talking to a group of friends and we were absorbing every minute of it.


The two hour presentation given by Andrew flew by – and as they say ‘time flies when you’re having fun’. Our staff really enjoyed the presentation. It was very informative and I am sure there will be a marked difference in their future presentations given to our clients.

Credit Agricole

The best training program I’ve attended for improving public speaking skills. His ‘hands on’ approach provides an invaluable opportunity to practice and obtain feedback through group participation and DVD recording observations.

Howards Storage World

The skills and tools you provided in a recent Skills Workshop, are of great assistance to me in my role as an Area Manager, where I need to gain and retain the attention of my audience to get my message across in a short time. I have attended these workshops before where I’ve seen tricks and gimmicks taught to capture your audience, the skills you covered are straight forward, practical and are able to be used in every day to day meetings as well as presenting to a larger group.

Kennards Hire

During the course of my career I have attended numerous presentation skills presentations. Without a doubt yours was the best I have attended. It is always important that the facilitator practices what they teach so that the audience can watch a master at work, as was evident during your session! It was packed with extremely valuable and practical information and everyone would have walked away with at least a few relevant ideas that they could practice immediately. Your creative, very humorous approach would have left an impression on all who attended and without a doubt would have been the highlight of our conference. It is without hesitation that I would recommend you to anyone interested in further developing their presentation skills and having a good laugh at the same time.


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