Well Hung Lanyards

business events logoAndrew writes a monthly column for Business Events News (BEN) called “Confessions of a Compulsive Conference Goer” in which he discusses issues and observations from the conference front-line”

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Andrew Klein, director of SPIKE Presentations, presents his front line observations on conferences in a regular feature in BEN.


Our new columnist, Andrew Klein’s first contribution (Wednesday 24 July BEN) elicited much comment on his subject of lanyards.

Feedback included with this one from the SCEC’s international director of sales Annabel Norris, saying to Andrew,

“Enjoyed your column in BEN and totally agree on the badge debate – the number of times I have been bailed up at a coffee break by someone I have obviously met before – know the face every time but the name has gone.

“Can’t grasp for my glasses in my bag owing to the fact I have a cup of tea in one hand and a lamington in the other – totally trapped.

“Keep making quick desperate glances at the woman’s chest area – much worse for a guy.

“Even more disturbing is when the badge is twisted round with nothing on the back,” she said. We can only hope the powers that be in nametag and lanyard land get the message!

© Andrew Klein 2014