Director of leading Presentation Skills training company SPIKE PRESENTATIONS, Andrew is one of Australia’s leading trainers and presenters in the area of Presentation Skills, Pitching for Business and general corporate communications.


A trained and fully qualified corporate lawyer (who worked in litigation for Clayton Utz Lawyers), with years of experience in public speaking, training, acting and improvisation (and formal performing and theatre-studies training), Andrew has been bringing his experience in the art of presenting and public speaking to the corporate world for over 15 years.


The content of Andrew’s training workshops and keynotes are also based on first-hand experience. In his other role as a Professional

Conference MC, Andrew has been closely observing the world’s best (and worst!!!) presenters strut their stuff for many years now – so his content is practical, cutting edge and full of case studies and real-life examples.


Andrew delivers countless Presentation Skills and Pitching Skills workshops and keynotes each year, for a wide variety of organisations, including:


MLC, Minter Ellison Lawyers,
Ernst & Young, Brambles,
NSW Health, Howard’s Storage World, Wella, Randstad Recruitment, BT Financial Group, Cth Dept. of Families, Housing & Community Services, Landcom and ACLA (Aust Corporate Lawyers Assoc)

Why do a Spike session?

You have no doubt sat through countless dull and uninspiring presentations and pitches over the years. But are you one of those people who has actually ever given one?


It’s hard to know as corporate audiences (large or small) are generally polite enough to look at you, nod intermittently and possibly applaud at the end of a talk..... even if you were very ordinary.


The SPIKE PRESENTATIONS training workshops or keynote sessions delivered by Andrew Klein, are dynamic, energetic, interactive, educational, thoroughly entertaining and extremely thought provoking, pinpointing the key areas where corporate presenters can improve the design, structure and delivery of their pitches and presentations.

Who would benefit?

Truth is we are presenting and pitching ourselves and our company all the time. At internal staff meetings and briefings, trade expos, conferences, networking functions or when pitching to clients or potential clients, the reality is life's a pitch! So these sessions can really benefit any corporate, government or association group.


Andrew’s SPIKE sessions are ideally suited to staff, sales teams or managers who present within your own organisation, perhaps to company meetings, Boards, at training workshops or leaders who present to their teams or at conferences.


Andrew's sessions are also invaluable for people who present your products or services outside of your company, for example to your industry, to your sponsors, to your clients or perhaps most importantly to potential clients.


Whether you present to one person, small groups or a large audience and whether you are a regular “talker” or not (or have attended a public speaking course before or not), these highly entertaining and interactive sessions aim to invigorate, educate and entertain.


Andrew’s sessions are fully tailored to your organisation and give countless tips on how to make your own pitches and presentations dynamic, memorable and different, ensuring your company stands out from your competitors.

Being an energetic, interactive and humorous speaker, Andrew is ideal for the start of a conference, after lunch or late in the day where your attendees may be tired and in need of a "pick-me-up" session


Presentation topics

Andrew's 2 main workshop or keynote sessions are:


"How To Awe Them, Not Bore Them!"

How to radically improve the design and delivery of your presentations to make them memorable, dynamic, effective and bursting with personality.


"Life's A Pitch"

How to successfully pitch yourself and your company so that you stand out from your competitors and win more business.


Sessions can be tailored for a 1-2 hour format or for smaller half day / full day workshop formats.

Areas covered include

What will make your presentation or pitch STAND OUT from the pack?

How to bring out your (and your company’s) “personality” in your pitch or presentation.

How to pitch and present in ways that make people learn and remember more.

Making your pitches and presentations more interactive, entertaining, educational and memorable.

The "Sesame Street" Principle – finding the delicate balance between content and delivery

Engaging with different audiences

Simplifying your content to ensure your KEY MESSAGES are delivered clearly.

Preparing, structuring and practicing your pitches and presentations.

The use (and extreme misuse) of tools like PowerPoint

Improving your voice, body language, eye contact, use of humour, dealing with nerves etc.

Losing your ‘UMM’

Optional video component whereby attendees are filmed delivering presentations, followed by group critique.

To find out more about Andrew's Presenting and Pitching work, download this pdf (or speak to his mother-in-law, who has been singing his praises to her friends at the Bridge Club for many years now!)


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