• Confessions of a Compulsive Conference-Goer: Associations! apra associationI attend countless Association conferences each year and it always seems to me a little like I’m climbing through a wardrobe to enter Narnia, an unknown world where people speak a different language, do jobs I didn’t even know existed, using products and services that I know nothing about. And ... Read more
  • A Real Wake-up Call Let me confess. I’ve become a hotel snob. Since becoming a member of the speaking circuit almost 20 years ago, I’ve become accustomed to staying in really nice, cosy, comfy hotels. Read more
  • All I Want for Christmas is my USB! usbAs this is my final ‘Confessions’ column for 2013, I feel I need to make a big confession to round off a big year of conference confessions. Here it is. I use my conference t-shirts as pyjamas. There, I’ve said it. Read more
  • Conference FOMO FOMO. Fear of Missing Out. For those readers over the age of 17, a Google search describes FOMO as a form of social anxiety — a concern that one might miss an opportunity for social interaction, a novel experience or other satisfying event. Read more
  • Confessions of a Compulsive Conference-Goer: Angry Birds is the New Doodling angry birds new doodlingYes, it’s mid conference, mid presentation and I’m not listening to the speaker. He probably thinks I am, because every minute or so I look up at him politely and feign interest. But after the 38th identical looking bullet-point heavy PowerPoint slide, coupled with the presenter’s half-hearted mono-tonic style, I ... Read more

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